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Innovative Solutions for QuickBooks Users®

Myrna F. Stacey

QuickBooks® Expertise, Human Touch, & Small Business Know-How
You may already have a bookkeeper and tax professional, but do you have the conduit between these two important people - someone who can customize QuickBooks® for your business, create processes, train staff and deliver everything your accountant or tax preparer needs in the format he or she wants? When you use a QuickBooks® consultant like Myrna Stacey, a good tool becomes an excellent one. And isn’t that what your business deserves?

Benefits of Great Bookkeeping

Whether you work alone or have employees, sell products or services, doing what you do best is only a piece of your operation. Statistics show that when many small businesses fail, it’s not because of the product or service they provide, but because they lack a solid infrastructure and system of metrics with which to measure performance.

Myrna Stacey will work with your bookkeeper or bookkeeping staff to ensure you get the best results.

Data on a Touch Pad

Get a Bookkeeping

System in Place

Having a record keeping system that keeps your data up to date is crucial. The key is to have reliable financial information on a timely basis. Waiting until the end of the year and then sending your books to the accountant will only tell you what you did last year. Using your information on an ongoing basis can help you get to where you want to go.


Know Your Costs

What you charge your customers should cover your costs and include profit. Knowing your costs can tell you know many customers you need to see, how many products to sell or how many hours to bill in order to reach your goals.

Analysing the Data

Understand the Story

Financial reports tell a story about the financial health and well-being of a business. These reports - used on a monthly basis to monitor a business - are a powerful tool.

Upload Secure Files

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