Who Needs a QuickBooks® Guru?

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, virtual businesses, non-profit organizations, certified public accounting firms and publicly held companies all find that the services provided by Myrna Stacey are extraordinary, valuable and timely.

Myrna Stacey is a recognized by Intuit as a seasoned QuickBooks® ProAdvisor and she has worked in almost every industry and successfully serviced over 1,000 clients in her career. She has also worked to resolve diverse industry challenges for a variety of clients. A sampling of those clients includes:

Power of Attorney

Law Firms

Myrna has developed a foolproof IOLTA accounts tracking system within QuickBooks® to maintain and balance client liability accounts.

Building Homes

Non Profits

Myrna has developed a QuickBooks® process that effectively manages restricted funds for non-profit organizations.

Children Arriving at School


Myrna has perfected a procedure for school systems to help individual schools manage their own budgets outside of the large municipal software reporting systems. She has also developed a QucikBooks® process for schools to manage student activity funds, including a mechanism for rolling funds forward to follow the designated class by graduation year.